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If you are looking for guidance with challenges in your life, it takes courage to ask for help.  Admitting you can't do everything on your own, is the first step toward achieving wellness in a fast paced, demanding world.

The good news is, asking for help gets easier with a little practice.  The way in which we cope in the world is greatly influenced by how we see the world.  Asking for help, and obtaining a fresh perspective is often the first and most profound step toward developing the mental muscle needed to become stronger.  The more support you gain, the better equipped you will be to take on bigger challenges and achieve more successes.

How To Make An Appointment

Call or email to discuss a good day and time for your appointment.  We will then take your full name, email, and phone number to book your appointment through the patient portal. You will receive an email with a link to the patient portal where you can fill out your online forms.

How To Fill Out Online Forms

Once your appointment has been scheduled, you will be emailed a link to the patient portal.  You will be able to complete all of the online forms from this site.  You can also change any information in the future and get billing statements from the portal.

Is Insurance Accepted

We are Out-of-Network for Insurance and are not contracted with any insurance company which allows us the full autonomy to treat the root causes without restrictions and/or limitations and provides us the opportunity to listen and hear you. This also provides full transparency with the entire process from beginning to end, no unexpected bills, limits to amount of sessions, etc.

That means that we do not file your insurance for you.  We do provide you will a Superbill that comes through the patient portal and provides you with the information that you need to file with your insurance company on your own if you choose to.  You will need to verify any benefits with your company. We do accept HSA & FSA Savings Plan Cards if you use those through your insurance company.  We also accept credit/debit, cash, and check at the time of service. A credit card will be kept on file with the office.

What Ages & Who Do We Treat

Preteens (11 & Up)


Adults & Couples

In Person & Online Appointments

We are seeing clients in person in the comfort and security of the office. 

We also offer some sessions through Telehealth (a HIPPA secure link we provide), and through telephone calls.  We will decide during your initial consultation what is best for you.

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